About the label...
Gibbon Envy Recordings is a mailorder / internet label, set up by Gouédé Oussou in 2006 based near Northampton, UK

Available releases...
GER007 » Skeleton Wrecks CD 3 left
9 trax, featuring Gouédé Oussou with Dora Jahr from Distorted Pony plus remixes by Gary Mundy of Ramleh and Scott Pickering of Puff Tube

GER005 » Dragline Speedway CD
Featuring artists who have played in Killdozer, Terminal Cheesecake, Head Of David, Transitional, GOD, Slab!, Ice, Laika Sold Out

GER004 » FirePariah CD
15 trax, featuring members of Glazed Baby, Distorted Pony, Terminal Cheesecake, The Bastards, Forkeye, Right Speaker Heavy 1 left [at CDBaby]

GER002 » Distorminal Deadwax CD
Featuring members of Distorted Pony, Terminal Cheesecake, Headcleaner, Alien Sex Fiend and FirePariah Sold Out

GER001 » Gouédé Oussou - Nothing Matters CD
With 20 trax, 80 mins, featuring 5 remixes by members of Cheju, Karhide, Terminal Cheesecake, Living Tissue and Puff Tube 3 left

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