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New mQuiz and mobile learning app released

I’ve just released the new version of mQuiz. For those of you who have previously signed up to mQuiz and/or the mobile learning app, the key change is that you will need to reset your password (the new version of mQuiz uses a more secure way of storing passwords) and upgrade the mobile learning app on your Android phone.

To reset your password, go to:, enter your email/username and a new password will be emailed to you. Once you log in, you can reset your password to something more memorable. If you are using the mobile learning app, after you upgrade the app, you will need to log in using your updated password.

The key changes to mQuiz are:

  • Quiz creation/editing. You can now add different question types (not only multiple choice) and add feedback to give to the user.
  • Rewritten in Django application framework. This should make the app faster, more robust/stable and easier to add new features.

The key changes to the mobile learning app are:

  • Improved interface
  • Better management for media/video files
  • more info and screenshots here

Finally, I should add that this is all still a work in progress, there are many, many more features and improvements I’m looking to make. If you find anything isn’t working as expected, or if you have any comments/suggestions then please either post a comment below or email me.

Embedding mQuiz

Have just added some new functionality to mQuiz so you are able to embed a quiz on your webpage. Here’s an example:

After you’ve created your quiz, you’ll see the option to get the embed code for putting on your website – I’m thinking about the best place to provide the embed code for all users to see/access (currently only the original quiz author sees the embed code).

To be able to take the embedded quiz users do not need an account on mQuiz, so all results are stored (and listed in the analysis pages) as being from a ‘Guest user’, unless you already happen to be logged into mQuiz. I’m now working out how to allow people to create an account at the end of the quiz to store their results against their own account.

Any feedback/comments appreciated…

[For info: the ‘Magnetic Mayhem’ quiz above has been taken from OpenLearn:]

New mQuiz demo video

I’ve just uploaded a new video to demonstrate the changes I’ve been making recently to mQuiz:

In addition to using either your smartphone or standard web browser, I’ve also updated the mQuiz Android client, which can now be found at:

Any feedback welcome.

mQuiz Updates

Looking back at my recent blog postings I realise that most seem to be just holiday/travel photos, so to show I have really been doing some work too, here is some info on the latest updates I’ve been making to mQuiz.

The big change is that now I have an HTML5 version, so you can run the quizzes in your browser (either on your normal PC/laptop or on your smartphone). The quizzes and results are cached, so if you happen to be offline you’re still able to take quizzes. The mobile browser version (at: supports all the same functionality as the Android application but will make the app available to more users (even those without smartphones). The browser version has a search feature and will suggest quizzes for you to take.

mQuiz running in Firefox on laptop

mQuiz running in Android emulator

The other change I’ve made is that the detailed list of results for a quiz are only available to the owner/creator of that quiz (previously these were available to anyone), although the overview results (average scores, average score by question) are still available to anyone who is signed in.

I’ll still be maintaining the Android specific app for mQuiz, but will probably spend more time focussing on the HTML5 version for now.

I’m sure there are still some kinks to work out and I have lots of ideas for functionality I’d like to add so will be working on these over the coming weeks. Any feedback welcome if you find something not working correctly. In the meantime test your knowledge of the periodic table.

mQuiz: Importing from Moodle quizzes & GIFT format

I’ve just put up a new version of the mQuiz website and mQuiz Android app.

The key update is that you can now import quizzes in the GIFT format (which Moodle also uses). So if you already have a Moodle quiz then you can export it in GIFT format and upload to run in mQuiz – I’ve uploaded the 4 quizzes from our Certificate in Online Education course to demonstrate. Alternatively you can write your own quiz in GIFT format directly.

This now allows to create quizzes with more interesting question types than only single-option multiple choice, such as multi-option multiple choice, numerical, essay, short answer and true/false.

Any feedback on this is much appreciated!
Update (5th Dec 2011)… I’ve just added the facility to display feedback…

mQuiz: lots of updates….

Over the last few days I’ve made quite a lot of updates to the mQuiz server and Android application

mQuiz server updates

  • Graphs and better info about quiz responses – note that if you created the quiz then any responses you submit will not count towards average scores etc.
  • A download queue, so you can share quizzes with a link…. e.g. clicking on this link will add the ‘European Capitals’ quiz to your download queue, and will be downloaded next time you start the client phone app. You can use this even if you haven’t yet installed the phone app. As soon as you install and log in to the client, the quiz will be scheduled for download.
  • Quizzes can now have download/submissions turned on/off. Allows a quiz to be under development, and not downloadable to any clients, also by turning submissions off you can stop people sending in more results.
  • The leaderboard on the homepage now works. You’ll only appear once you have submitted results from at least 3 different quizzes (sorry, quizzes you created don’t count!).
  • Homepage much improved (I think anyway!).

mQuiz Android updates

  • You now need to register/login when you first open the client app. You’ll need valid login details to download quizzes, submit responses etc.
  • The download scheduler is implemented – so the client will automatically download any quizzes you’ve selected on the server. The scheduler only runs when you have the mQuiz client open and you can set how often it will check for quizzes in the preferences (from the mQuiz main page click on the menu button and select ‘preferences’).
  • Manage quizzes: you can now remove installed quizzes as well as just download them. Note that this will remove all your scores too (though results already send to the server will be kept).
  • The download quiz page now won’t try to download quizzes that are already installed
  • After you complete a quiz you now have the option to share your results via twitter, email, text message, facebook etc.

There’s still quite a lot I’d like to do to tidy up the client code, and all the other features I’d like to add too! Any feedback on the above, or the app generally, much appreciated 🙂

mQuiz: running quizzes on your mobile

Once again, I’ve been getting a bit slack with posting to my blog, seem to have got a bit distracted with writing project proposals and other work. So here’s a quick update on something I’ve been developing over the last couple of weeks… a smartphone application to easily create, deliver and take short quizzes and assessment activities. Firstly, a quick demo:

There are many quiz apps on Android market, but none that I found will allow you to easily create your own quiz questions (not without programming a new Android app). True, there are ways to do this, for example, to create your quiz in Moodle, then access via one of the mobile Moodle apps. But I wanted something that you could run on your phone offline and didn’t have the overhead of setting up a Moodle installation.

I now have a prototype website (at – very surprised this domain name was easily and cheaply available!), where you can create your own (multiple-choice) quizzes. Anyone with an Android smartphone can install the client application and download any of the quizzes created and submit/share their results. To download the client app see: or search for ‘mquiz’ in the market.

I’m planning to make some nice graphs/charts etc on the site so you can track responses to quizzes better. For example to see how many people have been taking your quiz, the scores they are getting, even identify which questions most people get right/wrong.

It’s very much a work in progress, so things are likely to change rapidly – not all the pages on the website are written yet even. Some of the key functions I’d like to work on are:

  • Nicer analytics pages/graphs on the website
  • Client app for other mobile OSs – thinking about porting to PhoneGap to make it easier to develop for multiple mobile platforms.
  • More than just multiple choice – it would be good to support something like the GIFT format to make it easy for people to import existing quizzes
  • Better sharing of quizzes – so you could email/sms someone a link to a quiz for them to opt to have it downloaded to their phone next time they open the client app
  • Visibility/submission permissions – currently all quizzes created are publicly available and anyone can submit responses (even anonymously), would like to have the option to restrict quizzes to particular users/groups
  • … probably much more to add to this list!

The code for the phone client app and the server app is available on GitHub, see: for details.

Any feedback/suggestions much appreciated (as would any help with the development!)