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OppiaMobile presentation at TelSpain

On Friday I gave a presentation about OppiaMobile to the TelSpain conference in Madrid. At the conference I meet several colleagues from projects and work I was doing at the Open Uni over 5 or 6 years ago, so was great to meet them again. My presentation was video recorded, so will post up a link to the full video once it is available.

DaeSav 2013 – Presentation on OppiaMobile

eLearning Africa: Overcoming Challenges in Multimedia Delivery

The presentation I gave about an hour ago at eLearning Africa 2011 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania:

Here is the extended abstract of the presentation

Digital Campus presentation

Here is the presentation I gave at the eLearning Africa conference last week. The photos on each slide are all pictures I’ve taken over the course of the project so far, since August 2009.

elearning Africa conference – day 3

Giraffes at Chaminuka Game Reserve

Another really good day at the conference, most of the presentations and discussions I attended today revolved around the use of open source software. There are some particular issues with using open source software in Africa, for example the fact that although there is huge amount of help available to support people when trying to implement software, much of the help and documentation is online only – which can make it difficult to access. In one of the presentations some of the audience were still a little sceptical about how you can get something for free – surely there is a catch?

Late in the afternoon, I gave my presentation about the Digital Campus project. All went well and I was really pleased with the response and how many people had questions about the project. I finally met more people from Ethiopia, the Head of ICT from Jimma University and the Curriculum Expert and Pedagogical Editor from the Ethiopia Civil Service College in Addis. I’ve also been approached about setting up some study/tutor partnerships with universities in UK and Canada, so the tutors and students in Mekelle can pair up with tutors and students abroad to share teaching and learning experiences.

Overall the conference has been well worth attending, it’s the first conference I’ve been to for a long time and differs somewhat from the much more technical and programming focussed conferences and workshops I used to attend whilst at the OU. Now need to make sure I get another presentation accepted for the eLearning Africa 2011 in Tanzania.

Saturday was a day free for me, so after being at the conference much of the week, I headed out to a game reserve (Chaminuka) about 30km from Lusaka and had a relaxing day there, by coincidence I met several other people there who had also attended the conference – but we managed to avoid talking too much work.

Google Maps presentation

This morning I gave a little presentation about Google Maps at the IET Technology Coffee Morning. It’s a very quick look at some different things you can do with Google Maps…

(update: unfortunately the embedded links don’t seem to have come though on the slideshare version :-/ so you can download the original ppt)

OpenID Discussion

Yesterday some of us in KMi had a bit of a get together to figure out what we can do, want to do, don’t want to do etc with OpenID. It also gave me chance to give a little overview of how OpenID works to those who didn’t already know. We recorded the discussion using FlashMeeting and you can view the replay. The picture isn’t great, but the sound seems to be ok which is the important bit, so at least you can hear what everyone is saying 🙂

Sussex Learning Network

Yesterday a few of us (Elia, Jenny, Michelle and I) gave some workshops/presentations at the Sussex Learning Network conference. All seemed to go very well, between the four of us we ran three sessions in parallel – and had lots of interesting questions and discussion. A FlashMeeting of the presentation Elia & I gave is available if you’d like to see how it went 😉

Presentation… “Integrating Google Maps into MSG”

This morning I gave a seminar in KMi about how we developed the MSG Presence Maps, the seminar was webcast and you can view a replay 🙂

I hope to also put up a link to the ‘raw’ powerpoint presentation.