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Custom Google Maps & office plans

When I was developing the MSG presence maps we also thought about how we could replace or enhance the BuddySpace custom maps – which give you an office plan and presence icons for who is in the office and where. The original BuddySpace maps worked well, but they were a pain to update when staff started or left – meaning it was often out of date.

As the MSG presence maps were using the Google Maps API, we thought about using a custom Google Map for the office plan. Unfortunately, it remained just a thought and we never got time/chance to actually implement anything.

What reminded me of all this was a posting on the excellent Google Maps Mania blog about a couple of applications using custom Google Maps. The first is a map of the UCL campus, with the buildings overlaid – I really like the option of setting the transparency of the overlay. And the second is an office plan from LaudonTech.

UCL Campus Map:
UCL campus map

Office plan:

Now what would be really good is combination of these 2 apps, so at a certain point of zooming in on a Google Map with the campus outline overlaid, you zoom down to the office plan for each building (would need to think about how to cope with different floors) adding in presence info from MSG. How about something like this for the OU campus?