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Revise this

It’s been long time coming but now the OpenLearn LabSpace allows users to edit (remix) units online – rather than the rather cumbersome method of downloading a Moodle backup file then re-uploading – or worse, trying to work with the OU XML format in notepad!

To create a new version of a unit, find the unit you’d like to edit then select the ‘make a copy for revising’ option from the ‘Versions’ block. After it’s created the new version you should see it listed (mine is v1.3 in the example image on the right).

On visiting the new unit you should see the ‘Revise this unit’ button in the top right (see highlighted area in image below).

When you click this you’ll get a warning message like the one below (as it’s wiki-like you’re able to edit other users content – they can also change yours!):

Finally you need to click the ‘Turn editing on’ button (this appears in the same place as the revise this button) and you’ll arrive at the standard Moodle unit/course editing page (as below), with all the links etc for adding and editing resources and activities.

Hopefully this new functionality will encourage more people to add their own content and edits (which has been somewhat lacking in the LabSpace so far) and also allow users to create much more interactive content (by adding Moodle activities to the units)… have fun!

OpenLearn conference

Spent the last couple of days at the OpenLearn conference, which was all quite interesting, although maybe not directly relevant to my day-to-day work – the things that were really relevant I should know about already!! – but interesting nonetheless. I won’t write about all the presentations I went to as there was some active blogging on all the sessions – so pointless for me to replicate all that here. The sessions I found most interesting were… John Seely Brown, Alan Cann, Erik Duval, Ray Corrigan and Tony Hirst.

One thing I did notice was that whereever Open Educational Resources (OERs) were discussed it generally referred to content – and essentially static content at that. Whenever tools were discussed they were as a surrounding/supporting activity rather than being OERs in their own right – as mentioned in the wikipedia OER article.

OpenLearn remix & reuse competition

A competition has just been launched to encourage the remixing and reuse of OpenLearn LabSpace content, full details can be found at:
It’s open to all to enter and you could win yourself up to £250 worth of technology of your choice!

I’m thinking about entering in the remix category – maybe taking some of the existing content and embedding MSG into it – especially the presence mapping, so perhaps something with one of the geography and/or language courses.

OpenLearn & LabSpace launched

Last night we had the official launch of the OpenLearn and LabSpace websites, they are both freely available for anyone to access at : and respectively.

The evening went really well, people seemed really interested in what we are doing, and there already been plenty of users registering for the sites. Obviously my main interest is how people get on with the tools in the in LabSpace site, especially MSG, so if you have any feedback or comments about this then please let me know – either leave comment below or email me directly 🙂