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Map of OppiaMobile Users

[Updated to show all users until 15 March 2014]

I just created a map of all the recent activity in OppiaMobile Android app based on the IP addresses our users are visiting from:

The map is just a point-in-time visualization of all our current users and since it’s based on IP addresses the locations aren’t exact (for example all users in Ethiopia are shown as being in Addis), but it’s sufficient to get a good impression on a country/regional level. The size of each ‘blob’ represents how many hits we’ve had from that location.

For info, here’s the process I went through to generate the map:

  1. Exact all the distinct IP address from our server logs
  2. Look up the IP address to get the city/region and country from the IPAddressLabs web service. I only signed up for their basic trial version – which doesn’t give the lat/lng – hence the requirement for the next step
  3. Look up the city and country using the GeoNames web service to get the lat/lng to then match up the IP address.
  4. Export the data and upload into CartoDB to create the visualization

Hopefully soon I’ll figure out how to make this a live map so it’s dynamically updated.

Personal FAQs

Apologies to those of you who I didn’t get to see when I went up to the OU a couple of days ago, but hopefully I’ll be up again soon (maybe for the open unlimited day in couple of weeks), here is a very brief summary of the days FAQs (in hindsight I should probably just have done presentation at the OU!):

How am I feeling?
Good, although not yet 100%

What’s wrong with me?
Not yet sure, doctor has a few ideas, but nothing confirmed until I get my blood test results back sometime next week – if they say anything at all.

When am I going back?

Hopefully soon, as soon as I can get medical clearance to return. All is going to depend on when the docs find out what’s wrong and how quickly it can be sorted.

Have I made a difference?
Difficult to tell, probably better asking my colleagues, obviously I hope that I have, but maybe it’ll take a little while for anything to show.

Am I enjoying it?
Certainly, despite getting ill, I’m very keen to get back asap.

When am I coming back to UK?
Unsure yet, my contract is due to finish in Sept, but I’ve requested an extension to my contract, so might not be until March 2010 (if my extension is approved)

What am I going to do when I come back?
hmmm… not sure yet!

Sorry for the rather succinct answers, but you probably don’t want the full ins & outs, ups & downs of my illness!

Finally, I found this map the other day and found it quite amusing:


[Image from: GraphJam]

Filtering with MSG Map Widget

I’ve just finished updating the MSG Map Widget so that you can allow filtering. The filter can either be specified in the javascript command and/or an optional filtering control can be added to the map. You can also select whether you would like to display just the online users or both on and offline users. Another new option is the ability to have the map refresh every x seconds (the previous version showed the users at the point the page first loaded). See the map below for an example – this one shows all OpenLearn users who have enrolled on courses with ‘german’ in the title. Feel free to have a ‘play’ with the filter:

Few points to note…

  • You can’t select to highlight the text in the filter box, you need to delete each character – which I know is a right pain. I’ve not figured out why this is – I’ve a feeling it’s something to do with the fact that text box is within a Google map, so ‘selection’ doesn’t work in the same way – since holding the mouse button down whilst dragging means something different in the map context. But I could be wrong about this!
  • Similary the tab to ‘go’ button on the form doesn’t work – you need to use the mouse 🙁
  • When the maps says it’s showing ‘all’ users this isn’t quite true! It actually shows all the online users, plus up to a maximum of 100 offline users. This is help prevent potential performance problems when displaying 100’s or 1000’s of markers.

I’ve created a page on the MSG website to explain the various options/parameters available.
All feedback welcome 🙂

Usernames on map widget

I’ve just added usernames to the MSG map widget I created yesterday (see: so when you click on a marker it’ll tell you who that user is. At the moment this is only available for the server – but hopefully will be able to apply it to msg-openlearn server soon too. It the username isn’t available then just ‘Anonymous’ is displayed instead.

MSG Map Widget

Spent couple of hours putting together a little MSG map “widget” – so you can embed a Google map with markers for where users are online on your own webpage as the examples below show….

For the server

For the server

This is the code that you need to use to embed this on your own page:

<script src="

Just change the parameters for fit what you’d like to show and how:
host: the MSG server to get the info from – valid entries currently are: or
height: height of the map to display
width: width of the map to display
zoom: starting zoom level of the map
lat: starting latitude coordinate for map centre
lng: starting longitude coordinate for map centre

At the moment it’s just something I’ve been playing with, but would be good to be able to extend so that it can show the presences of your own contacts and give live presence info and provide the click to chat links etc.