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Siete Picos

At the weekend I was backup in the Sierra de Guadarrama for a walk up to Siete Picos – although this was the first time I’ve been up there without clear blue skies (photos from my other walks up there are here and here) – it was quite windy, cold and icy. Here are a couple of pics:



Solar Decathlon 2012

Spent the afternoon at the Solar Decathlon Exhibition in Casa de Campo. The final few photos a band playing using pedal powered amps etc. By coincidence, my brother is running a couple of pedal power workshops in October at the Sunseed Desert Project in Andalusia – more info.

Photo update…

Some photos from Holi Madrid festival last weekend:

And some pictures from walk up Yelmo in February:

Plus the GPS track:


Photos from visit to Madrid Zoo and Aquarium the other day….

Siete Picos

Photos and tracks from 2 days walking in Cercedilla, Puerto de Navacerrada and Siete Picos….


Tracks (Saturday):

Tracks (Sunday):

Walk in Sierra de Guadarrama

Photos and map of circular walk from Cercedilla in Valle de la Fuenfría:



Night walk in Sierra Guadarrama

At the weekend we went up to the Sierra Guadarrama mountains just outside Madrid for an overnight walk, about 18km staring at 1:30am on Sunday morning and finishing for breakfast at around 8am.

With some very long exposure times (30 seconds+) I managed to get a few reasonable photos…

Rollercoaster ride…

This weekend I went out to one of the theme parks on the edge of Madrid, I’ve not been on a rollercoaster for years and although it was very cold it was very quiet, so we could get on the rides with almost no queue – in fact, we had to wait for enough people to come for the ride to start. Abismo, the biggest and fastest ride there, was shut with technical problems for most of the day, but was fixed up just as we were about to leave, so we managed to get on the last run of the day. We did manage to get home with all our body parts ( photo taken on the Tarantula ride).


Video of Abismo (not one that I took, though I was sat at the front, so this was the view I got…):

On the move

Araya, Mihret, Selamawit and me at the Bernabeu

Just moved into my 7th different house/flat for this year, so an average of less than 2 months per ‘home’. I’m now in a flat in Madrid, so hope to stay put for a few months at least.

Work has been relatively quiet this week, mainly due to Monday and Wednesday both being public holidays, which then also makes Tuesday almost a holiday too. We’ve been planning out what to focus on over the next few months – until summer next year – and also deciding what we should focus on when we apply for larger, longer term projects.

As far was I can tell the elearning in Mekelle is going well, the Moodle site is getting several thousand hits per day with students now taking part in the activities their teachers have produced.

I have a bit more to say on the social front… this week 6 of us went to see the Champions League game of Real Madrid vs Auxerre at the Bernabeu stadium. The result (Real won 4-0) was going to be irrelevant to both teams – but was good experience anyway. Then I’ve also been ice-skating (for the first time in about 5 years), had a night out in Madrid, where we must have found the only bar in Madrid that didn’t sell wine, then the only club which didn’t serve beer. Then yesterday a few of us went to see El Escorial and I forgot to take my camera.

Me, Araya and Gabi

My Spanish is improving very slowly – though now, with a bit of a commute, I have little excuse for not listening to the teach yourself Spanish mp3s. I’ve found a few places to do evening classes in central Madrid, so plan to start these in the New Year.