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Article on JoinIn

New article on the JISC e-Learning Focus site about the JoinIn project I was involved just before I moved over to the OpenLearn project: JoinIn project: Sharing Groups between LAMS and Moodle

Friday 16 June 06

Now back in UK after my visit to Macquarie Uni in Sydney for 6 weeks  – it was good fun to get out there and look at the work they are doing over there on the next version of LAMS (& also good fun getting out and about in Oz!). Now got a fair bit of catching up to do on things I’ve left on hold whilst I’ve been away, especially as I’m starting working on the Open Content Initiative team in the next few weeks – so looking forward to that too 🙂

Friday 2 June 06

I’ve done as much as time allows now on testing out the LAMS tool contract, and as I mentioned before, all the details of what I did and the problems etc I came across are recorded on the LAMS wiki . I’ve also attached to the wiki a zip file which contains all the code I developed, so you can download it and have a look at what I’ve done.

Monday 29 May 06

For info the Lams – Moodle integration code can be found at:
– for the module in Moodle – this is currently in the process of being updated to work with Moodle 1.6.

The code required on the LAMS side is built into to the LAMS core, and is being updated to work with the updated version of LAMS (v2). By default these two modules with just communicate directly with each other, rather than going via an IMS Enterprise Service, and each of LAMS & Moodle modules will have a configuration option to enable communication with the Enterprise Service.

Thursday 25 May 06

I’ve been writing up the process etc that I’m going through in creating a new LAMS tool and it’s available on the LAMS wiki site.

Tuesday 23 May 06

Progress on the LAMS tool is still being a bit grindingly slow 🙁 but the reason for this is that the laptop I’m trying to run LAMS on isn’t really quite up to the job – it’s been taking about 6-8 mins to start up JBoss, and almost every change I make to the code requires a complete restart. Unfortunately I can’t just restart the tool context, because the LAMS core may have made references to the objects in my tool, so redeploying the tool corrupts all the references 🙁

At least I am beginning to understand more of how it all works though – so that’s a good start!!

Friday 19 May 06

Making gradual progress on creating a LAMS tool ! Just trying to figure my way around all the various classes and configuration files etc that need to be created in order to create and deploy the tool, whilst fitting in with the LAMS tool contract The tool itself isn’t anything special (!), just a little forum application, so I’m only doing this to find out more about the new LAMS architecture. Several frameworks are used in creating the tools, some of which I’ve used before (so vaguely understand!) and others I’ve not (eg Spring).

Wednesday 17 May 06

After a bit of fiddling I’ve managed to build LAMS from the current source code and get it running on my laptop. I had to compile it a couple of times as I’d missed a couple of the config options first time around, but apart from that it was very straightforward (following the instructions on the LAMS wiki).

So now looking at how to create a new LAMS tool…

Tuesday 16 May 06

Now got a little drag and drop interface running for moving users between groups. Seems to work well, but there are still a few bits to get finished off – but I’ll probably leave that for now.

At the moment I’m attempting to build LAMS on my tablet PC – hopefully it won;t be too slow on there!! I’ve got all the components downloaded and installed (all the right versions of JBoss, MySQL etc, plus all the current source code for LAMS 2.0), so ‘just’ now need to get it all configured and compiled 🙂

Wednesday 1 March 06

Yesterday had our first regular telephone conference with Ernie, which all seemed to go well, basically just me and Ernie going through where we’ve each got to so far, and what we each need to do next. We’re still a little stumped about the enterprise SDK, but Ernie hopes to get chance to have a look at this over the next week or so to see if he encounters the same problems I had.