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Article on JoinIn

New article on the JISC e-Learning Focus site about the JoinIn project I was involved just before I moved over to the OpenLearn project: JoinIn project: Sharing Groups between LAMS and Moodle

Wednesday 28 June 06

Attended the JISC Peer Review meeting in Oxford yesterday, which I found really useful. We were paired up with the ioMorph project from Phosphorix, which Juliette and I reviewed last week. We got on really well with their project, found it really to install and use, but also managed to give them some constructive feedback. They managed to get our JoinIn software installed and running easily enough (so they say!), but we also had some good feedback from them about what we could improve.

I found it very worthwhile doing the project review, especially as the project weren’t being formally assessed as such, but was good to get some feedback. Confirming that someone else can read the website, get all the code downloaded and running was positive from our point of view, so hope that they run this type of peer review in future programmes 🙂

Friday 31 March 06

Found out this morning that our JISC Design for Learning bid has been successful, so that’s really good news 🙂 From my point of view, this news means that we’ll be able to make Sled & CopperCore much more robust (though there are other aspects to the bid too!). Further information about the bid can be found in the proposal document.

Wednesday 8 February 06

Been quite busy the last week, mainly away doing "things" – at the end of last week I was invited to a LADiE project workshop in Edinburgh, to discuss the technical aspects of the first draft of their reference model. I learnt quite a lot, especially regarding the use of document style web services over remote procedure call style services. Also got a better idea of how BPEL could be used, from the example that Warwick Bailey gave that they used duing their project to combine Simple Sequencing and QTI.

Then for the first couple of days this week I was at the JISC toolkits kick off meeting, finding out about JISC’s open source maturity model and the peer review sessions which will take place throughout our JoinIn project. Also found that another group at Sussex Uni are doing a similar project to our JoinIn one, where they are using IMS Enterprise to link up Moodle to their student record system – I’ll put more about this stuff in my JoinIn blog 😉

Over the next few days I’m likely to be concentrating on writing bid(s!) for the latest JISC Design for Learning call. Also hoping to meet up next week with Ernie Ghiglione from LAMS to get the ball rolling properly with our JoinIn project, especially regarding the split of the work between OU and LAMS.

Tuesday 24 January 06

Been up to a few different things in the last week or so…. firstly, had news from JISC that we’ve received funding for our JoinIn project (working with the LAMS team to create a grouping tool to move groups between the LAMs and Moodle VLEs). We’ve also been looking at submitting a bid in the new JISC Design for Learning programme.

I’ve also been playing a bit with various bits and pieces, I’ve been trying to redesign my website (this one!) so that it uses CSS instead of tables for layout – that seems to be going ok so far, and I should be able to make it live soon. Just found it a bit fiddly, especially with the differences between IE and firefox, and there appears to be a lot of options to achieve the same result, so trying to figure out which is the ‘best’. I’ve also added an RSS feed for this blog and my learning design one, so you should see the link at the bottom of the page, or, if you are using firefox, you should get the ‘live bookmarks’ option.

Finally, also been having a go with (see ), which is interesting, but could end up spending way too much time looking at other links people have bookmarked!

Wednesday 11 January 06

Belated Happy New Year! Just getting back into the habit of working again after the Christmas break! At the moment I’m mainly working on putting together a specification for IET’s project planning system. Also thinking a bit about what we do next in terms of learning design projects/work, especially with the Design for Learning call that JISC have recently put out – no firm ideas yet as to what we could do though!

Thursday 17 November 05

Have just come back from the JISC conference in Edinburgh where I attended the Learning Design strand. We’re still now sorting out what we can bid for in the latest JISC toolkit and demonstrator project calls – we have a few ideas as to what we could do, and just need to get these refined into an actual bid in time 😉

Monday 18 April 05

Most of what I’ve been working on the last week or so (and will be for the next few months!) is for the next 2 JISC funded Learning Design projects. The details of this work can be found in my ‘LD diary’