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Wednesday 8 February 06

Been quite busy the last week, mainly away doing "things" – at the end of last week I was invited to a LADiE project workshop in Edinburgh, to discuss the technical aspects of the first draft of their reference model. I learnt quite a lot, especially regarding the use of document style web services over remote procedure call style services. Also got a better idea of how BPEL could be used, from the example that Warwick Bailey gave that they used duing their project to combine Simple Sequencing and QTI.

Then for the first couple of days this week I was at the JISC toolkits kick off meeting, finding out about JISC’s open source maturity model and the peer review sessions which will take place throughout our JoinIn project. Also found that another group at Sussex Uni are doing a similar project to our JoinIn one, where they are using IMS Enterprise to link up Moodle to their student record system – I’ll put more about this stuff in my JoinIn blog 😉

Over the next few days I’m likely to be concentrating on writing bid(s!) for the latest JISC Design for Learning call. Also hoping to meet up next week with Ernie Ghiglione from LAMS to get the ball rolling properly with our JoinIn project, especially regarding the split of the work between OU and LAMS.

Thursday 17 November 05

Have just come back from the JISC conference in Edinburgh where I attended the Learning Design strand. We’re still now sorting out what we can bid for in the latest JISC toolkit and demonstrator project calls – we have a few ideas as to what we could do, and just need to get these refined into an actual bid in time 😉