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Anonymous CVS access to MSG

We’ve just enabled anonymous access to the MSG source code – previously we asked people to contact us via email to get an account. More info

Getting to grips with Git

I’ve just been getting my head around Git and the differences it has with SVN and CVS. Seems to be going well so far, and I really like the idea of having a local repository so changes aren’t immediately published to the remote Git repository.

Took a little while for me to figure out how to get the Eclipse Git plugin compiled and installed – but then I’ve never needed to compile a plugin before!

We’re now using Git for our OpenID server development and from the Cohere website:

MSG CVS launched

Spent most of this week getting the MSG CVS server sorted out and getting the documentation written up, so you can now find all the details under the developer section of the MSG website. Very pleased to finally have this done and ‘out there’, especially as we’ve been promising people it will be done ‘soon’ for the last few months!

Have also been spending some time getting the maps work ported from PHP over to Java, all seems to be going fairly well with this and hope to get it into a basic working state in the next week or so, will still be some more work to do after that, especially with testing, but it’s getting closer!

Finally, I’ve also made some changes to the MSG client to improve accessibility, for example checking all the alt/title tags and tab/keyboard access to all the functions. It’s not yet on the live server (or on the LabSpace server) but once we’ve had the changes checked over we should be able to release these – also new accessibility page on MSG site.

CVS for MSG nearly there!

We’ve now got a CVS server to put all the various bits of code for MSG (including the MSG-Moodle integration & work we’re doing on maps) and make available for people to download and use for themselves. We’re still in the process of putting the code up and getting it structured in the best way, and we’ve still got a fair bit of documentation to get written up before we provide the details.

I’ve created a developer section on the MSG website (see:, which is where we’ll put up the documentation and details for how to access the CVS server.

As well as getting this arranged, I’ve been working on moving the MSG maps, API and clustering algorithm over to run as a servlet. Currently it’s just built on top of Moodle, but it makes more sense for all the maps and API to sit within the main MSG (BuddyXML) server for those users who aren’t necessarily using Moodle.