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Using WordPress categories or tags?

tagsWhilst I have the time I’ve been fixing a few little things on my blog, as well as doing some tidying up. One thing I wanted to do, but wasn’t really sure whether or not it was worthwhile, was look at adding tags to my blog postings. Plenty has already been written (start here) about the difference and where and when you should use each.

When I’d started the blog only categories were available, so I’ve just continued with this, almost ignoring the tag facility, despite the fact that tags seemed a more flexible approach. Using the categories, with their hierarchical nature, felt as though you ought to come up with some big taxonomy for organising blog categories.

I’ve now severely trimmed the number of categories, whilst created umpteen tags – so is that an improvement for my blog? will it help people (including) find what they want? I’m not sure!

An interesting side effect of tagging (nearly) all my blog postings, was that I got to look back through what I’d written years ago and remember some of the projects and problems encountered – fixing many of the numerous typos on the way.

I also noticed how tweet like some of my early blog postings were, e.g. here and here – OK, maybe not 140 characters, but close.