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Travesía Azpilicueta-Reñada

p1000719.resizedThis weekend I was back caving in Cantrabria, doing the Travesía Azpilicueta-Reñada. It was really good to do a traverse (entering via one hole, and exiting via another) rather than always going back up the same way, especially since the initial entrance (Azpilicueta) involves a descent of almost 300m. The final part of the initial descent was quite wet – abseiling through a waterfall. “The Duck” section was apparently unusually dry, but then the final third of the cave was very muddy (as you can see from the photos). In total it took us 10 hours, which was a little longer than we’d first expected – and doesn’t include the couple of hours we spent looking for the entrance in the first place!

On Sunday we spent quite a while cleaning all the equipment up, before heading to the beach at Laredo for a few hours.

Caving in Cantabria

Last weekend I went up to Cantabria with the caving club to do part of Sistema del Gándara, it’s one of the longest caves in Spain with over 105km of passages, so even though we spent the night camping in the cave (34 hours in total), we still only saw a small section of the whole system. On Tuesday we also visited Cueva Mur. Unfortunately my camera broke whilst in Gándara so I don’t have too many photos, but below are the ones I did manage to get. The photos with the cotton wool looking crystals are a type of Aragonite (so I’ve been told) and in Gándara we also got to see a lot of Gypsum Flowers.