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Friday 12 May 06

I’ve been testing out another javascript library for creating the drag and drop interface, this one seems to be more what I was looking for, in that I’ve got working examples of moving objects from one ‘box’ and back again. Hopefully should have something working well by the end of today 😉

Tuesday 9 May 06

Been playing around a little with the Rico javascript/ajax library as I’d like to make use of the drag and drop functions for the interface on our JoinIn project. It all looks pretty good, although I’ve not been able to find an example of the drag and drop functions where you can just move an object back and forth between two ‘dropzones’. I had a go at creating one myself, though it seems a little flaky at the moment as the lists aren’t always refreshed properly once an object is moved, it appears erratic as to when/if the list is refreshed.

It seems quite complicated what I’ve done to achieve this, though I’m sure there are more efficient and reliable ways of coding it, so I’ll have a look at improving it later this week.

Thursday 13 April 06

Not that I’ve started the standalone interface I’ve made quite a lot of progress. Using AJAX I’ve created a browse groups page, so you can collapse/expand groups to view the sub groups and the people who are members of the group, it all seems to be working quite fast – though I’ve not got large numbers of user or groups yet. Quite pleased that I’ve got this done

Saturday 28 January 06

Have just added the commenting functionality I mentioned a couple of days ago, using a little AJAX application. Seems to work pretty much ok, but there are a couple of little things that I’d like to tidy up – for example, when you post a comment the comment listing doesn’t update with the new comment (could get the page to auto refresh, but that defeats the point of making it an ajax application!). Also not sure whether it would work very well (if at all) for people using screen readers etc. I’ve only tested it using IE6 and FireFox (both on Windows), so not sure whether it would work fine on a Mac, or with other browsers. If you find it doesn’t work or have any suggestions for improvement, please just let me know 🙂

Thursday 26 January 06

I’ve installed a Moodle server for everyone in IET to have a play with, and also so that I’ve got one that I can use for the JoinIn project. I’ve also been looking at doing something with AJAX, I’m probably going to test adding a commenting facility to these blogs using an AJAX application. With AJAX though I’m not sure how accessible it makes applications, or how cross-browser it will be – can give it a go though!