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Abi Adi & Abba Yohanni Church

Abba Yohanni rock church (just visible halfway up the rock face)

This weekend, Martin, Jaime, Stefan (French engineer from the wind farm project) and I went over to stay at the new lodge in Abi Adi, the Maylomin Botanical Garden Lodge. It’s still in the process of opening – they only have 9 beds so far in 5 separate lodges, built in a traditional south Ethiopian style. They’ve got big plans for the rest of the lodge, new lodge buildings in other Ethiopian building styles, plus plans for a swimming pool and even an airport – but I suspect this is a little way off yet.

Maylomin Botanical Garden Lodge

On Saturday early evening, Welday, the lodge manager, took us for a walk though the mountains to see the sunset, then arrive at the Maylomin cafe (other side of town where Andy and Crissy had a barbecue and party for the college staff back in November 2008).

Sunset over Abi Adi

On Sunday morning, with the two new VSO volunteers at the teacher training college, we took a trip out to visit Abba Yohanni rock church. Set midway up a rock face, it’s just about accessible by a step climb on the western side, followed by walk through tunnels carved into the rock, ending with a tiptoe along a narrow ledge with a steep drop, to access the church.

Drinking tilla

End of tunnel and ledge to access church

Despite 2 flat tyres and camel trains blocking the road on the way back, it was great to get out and about for the weekend – especially to visit some places I’ve either not been before or haven’t been for a long time.

Camel traffic jam