In the rest of my spare time I build furniture. Here’s some photos of furniture I’ve built recently…. (click to view larger images) or on some of the other pages there are photos of the sofa, cabinet and table I’ve built.


  1. cup says:

    Nice work, I wish I was as handy as you

  2. Helen says:

    Alex, you’re a man of hidden talents!

    Helen (ex IET)

  3. Alem(x) says:

    Hi Alex,

    I was surfing the web and I find out about your site. It is great to have a blog in Tigrai, Mekelle. Are you updating your blog frequently?

    I am from that area and currently live in USA.


  4. alex says:

    Hi Alex,

    Yes – I’ll be keeping my blog up to date once I get to Mekelle 😉 internet connection dependent obviously!

  5. I had no idea you built furniture. My brother used to do the same.

  6. Tadele Asitatikie says:

    Dear Alex Little,
    I appreciate your talent and motivation as well.But, I would like to request you to lecture for some courses in our department for the students to be talent like you.
    Please here is my e-mail, contact
    Tadele Asitatikie
    CS staff
    Cell phone: +251913917927

  7. Iyassu Bere says:

    Wow Alex – great move forward just want to talk to you regarding an idea which is “ticking” in my mind these days – Am in addis ababa pls email me


  8. Pieter Heyn says:

    Hi Alex,
    Was just speaking to Mike in Mekelle. Can’t find your email address. would be good to catch up.
    Am interested in VSO and money transfers.
    best regards

    Pieter Heyn

  9. Peter Flower says:

    Hi Alex,
    just found your blog, nice work…
    since i am moving to Mekele soon i though it might be a good idea to make contact. I will be helping to set up a new wind farm in the area with a french compnay. I am form the UK but not spent much time there.
    Let me know if your still in Mekele, and if anyone else who reads this fancies to catch up over drink. I will be in Mekele on June 7th for a week and then full time form July 2010 if all accordoing to plan.
    Take it easy

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