Woodwork project – bookcase

p1000614.resizedIt’s been a long long time since I did any woodworking – bascially since before I first went to Ethiopia several years ago – and wanted to get back into it. It’s a little tricky here in Spain since I’m living in a flat so don’t have the space for a workshop (like I used to have in UK) nor all my tools. But there’s plenty of space out in the garden here, so I’ve just built a new bookcase.

It’s fairly basic design and was easy to build using only a few hand tools – and no screws/nails or glue were used in this. Note that the varying lengths/placement of the shelves is by design – not a mistake! I finished the bookcase using some homemade polish (using the “recipe” here: http://themoderndiylife.blogspot.com.es/2012/12/diy-beeswax-wood-polish-and-sealant.html)

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