Cueva del Orón – Murcia

In contrast to last weekend in the snow, this weekend I was on a caving trip to Cueva del Orón in Murcia – sleeping in the open air. After walking/climbing/abseiling down the cliff for a a couple of hours, the cave is quite a squeeze most of the way, but at the end is a underground salt-water lagoon, with warm, clear water for swimming. Swimming across this leads to another lagoon leading out to the sea (through an underwater passage), I tried to get a couple of photos of this (as you can see the light coming up underneath the water through the passage to the sea), but I had some ‘technical problems’ with my camera – it got wet – so is now drying in a box with rice, and am hoping it will work again.

Here’s a slightly better photo of the lagoon inside the cave.

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