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Ilosaari Rock & Herajärven Kierros trail – Finland

Have just got back from holiday to Finland. Firstly to the Ilosaari music festival in Joensuu and then on to do a 60km+ walk – the Herajärven Kierros trail in Koli National Park. Photos…

And the GPS track from the walk:

Raspberry Pi as Python/Django webserver

Since I’ve had my Raspberry Pi, I’ve not really done much with it and have been thinking about what I should use if for. So this weekend I decided to get it set up as a webserver, I’ve kept meaning to try to learn some Python, so I’ve set up the Raspberry Pi as a Python/Django webserver. It’s also now connected up via my home broadband so it’s accessible externally and is running on my solar power system. You can see it here: (though bear in mind I don’t leave my router running all the time, esp. due to using solar system, so it may not always be available) – currently it only shows the default django page as I’ve not set up any apps yet.

Here is the basic process I went through to get this set up, the full instructions I followed are in the links given:

Providing alternative translations

With the HEAT Mobile content I’ve been looking at ways in which we can allow users to switch between different translations of the content. By enabling the Moodle Multi-language content filter, I can add alternative translations for the same content page. I found this method a little fiddly, and in switching between the HTML code view and the HTML editor view, sometimes the language span tags get removed. For example, if I enter:

<span class="multilang" lang="en"><p>My content here</p></span>

the HTML editor strips out the span tags completely. But with a bit of playing around I got it all working.

I then updated my export code (which generates the files to drop into the Android app) to check for the languages available on each page and to create an option for the user to switch to whichever languages are available for that page. Here’s an example of switching between English and Swahili on one of the PNC module pages:

PNC introduction in English

Switching to Swahili

PNC introduction page in Swahili

You can also have a go with this on my demo site.

The next step is to be able to switch the whole interface over to alternative languages (not just the content) and also being able to provide the quizzes in multiple languages. Though now I already have this working with the main content, it shouldn’t be too hard to extend this.