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Embedding mQuiz

Have just added some new functionality to mQuiz so you are able to embed a quiz on your webpage. Here’s an example:

After you’ve created your quiz, you’ll see the option to get the embed code for putting on your website – I’m thinking about the best place to provide the embed code for all users to see/access (currently only the original quiz author sees the embed code).

To be able to take the embedded quiz users do not need an account on mQuiz, so all results are stored (and listed in the analysis pages) as being from a ‘Guest user’, unless you already happen to be logged into mQuiz. I’m now working out how to allow people to create an account at the end of the quiz to store their results against their own account.

Any feedback/comments appreciated…

[For info: the ‘Magnetic Mayhem’ quiz above has been taken from OpenLearn:]

HEAT content on smartphone and tablet

Here’s an updated video showing the OU HEAT content running on an Android smartphone and tablet showing embedded video content (videos stored locally on the device) and interactive self assessment exercises:

The video we’ve embedded is from the Global Health Media Project

Mobile training course content and quizzes

Posting from Digital Campus blog:

We’ve recently been looking at how we can embed some of the Open University HEAT training content (for HEWs in Ethiopia) onto mobile phones and have these integrated alongside interactive self assessment questions (SAQs).

We restricted the content to just putting the introduction, learning outcomes, summary and SAQ for each of the study sections, otherwise there is far too much text content for users to comfortably read on screen – so this is designed to supplement (rather than replace) their existing course manuals.

The quizzes can be taken anytime, whether they have an internet (GRPS) connection or not, and results are submitted back to the mQuiz server (or stored for later upload if no connection is currently available). All the content and quizzes are stored directly on the phone. Users need an internet connection to initially log in, but once logged in they won’t need to re-enter their details (unless they log out or change their password).

Their SAQ results are stored on the phone, along with a ranking for how they have performed against others who have taken this assessment exercise.

Here is a quick demo video of this running on my mobile:

The next steps are to test embedding video and audio content.

New mQuiz demo video

I’ve just uploaded a new video to demonstrate the changes I’ve been making recently to mQuiz:

In addition to using either your smartphone or standard web browser, I’ve also updated the mQuiz Android client, which can now be found at:

Any feedback welcome.

mQuiz Updates

Looking back at my recent blog postings I realise that most seem to be just holiday/travel photos, so to show I have really been doing some work too, here is some info on the latest updates I’ve been making to mQuiz.

The big change is that now I have an HTML5 version, so you can run the quizzes in your browser (either on your normal PC/laptop or on your smartphone). The quizzes and results are cached, so if you happen to be offline you’re still able to take quizzes. The mobile browser version (at: supports all the same functionality as the Android application but will make the app available to more users (even those without smartphones). The browser version has a search feature and will suggest quizzes for you to take.

mQuiz running in Firefox on laptop

mQuiz running in Android emulator

The other change I’ve made is that the detailed list of results for a quiz are only available to the owner/creator of that quiz (previously these were available to anyone), although the overview results (average scores, average score by question) are still available to anyone who is signed in.

I’ll still be maintaining the Android specific app for mQuiz, but will probably spend more time focussing on the HTML5 version for now.

I’m sure there are still some kinks to work out and I have lots of ideas for functionality I’d like to add so will be working on these over the coming weeks. Any feedback welcome if you find something not working correctly. In the meantime test your knowledge of the periodic table.

Semana Santa in Cádiz, Arcos de la Frontera & Tarfia

Caving in Cañon del Rio Lobos

This weekend I visited my first caves in Spain (and also my first time using SRT in a cave). On Saturday we went down Sima del Carlista and on Sunday into Sima del Portillo, photos…