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Photos from visit to Madrid Zoo and Aquarium the other day….

Mobile Development Challenge

We just launched the Digital Campus Mobile Development Challenge, for you to win a smartphone for building an Android application to help Health Extension Workers in Ethiopia manage their tasks/appointments for maternal care visits.

For full details please visit:


A few photos from trip to Bilbao this weekend (taken during the 4 seconds it stopped raining!)…

La Pedriza and Sigüenza

Few photos and GPS track from visits to La Pedriza and Sigüenza last week:

La Pedriza:


GPS Track from La Pedriza:

Españoles en el Mundo….

Have now been in Spain for a little over a year, my Spanish is slowly improving (should probably attempt to write a blog post in Spanish at some point!). If you’d like to learn about Ethiopia in Spanish, this was on TV the other week:

Shows lots of the places I was working in and visited whilst I was there (Mekelle, Wukro, Axum, Gondar, Lalibela). A couple of years ago Españoles en el Mundo broadcast this programme:–angel/625760/ about Father Ángel, who has been living in Wukro for the last 20+ years, and who we often visit when we’re in Mekelle. One of our projects is based in Wukro.

mQuiz: Importing from Moodle quizzes & GIFT format

I’ve just put up a new version of the mQuiz website and mQuiz Android app.

The key update is that you can now import quizzes in the GIFT format (which Moodle also uses). So if you already have a Moodle quiz then you can export it in GIFT format and upload to run in mQuiz – I’ve uploaded the 4 quizzes from our Certificate in Online Education course to demonstrate. Alternatively you can write your own quiz in GIFT format directly.

This now allows to create quizzes with more interesting question types than only single-option multiple choice, such as multi-option multiple choice, numerical, essay, short answer and true/false.

Any feedback on this is much appreciated!
Update (5th Dec 2011)… I’ve just added the facility to display feedback…