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Night walk in Sierra Guadarrama

At the weekend we went up to the Sierra Guadarrama mountains just outside Madrid for an overnight walk, about 18km staring at 1:30am on Sunday morning and finishing for breakfast at around 8am.

With some very long exposure times (30 seconds+) I managed to get a few reasonable photos…

eLearning Services Presentation

An overview of our experiences and approach to providing elearning services, training and certification:

Installing Ge’ez Virtual Keyboard on Android Devices

Instructions for installing a Ge’ez Virtual Keyboard on Android:

  1. Root your device – exactly how this is done will depend on your device and you’ll need to look up on Google how to do this – note that rooting is not the same as unlocking your phone, rooting means you get administrative privileges to update system files, such as the font files we’ll update below.
  2. Download the files DroidSans.ttf and RootExplorer-v2.15.apk and copy these onto the phone’s SD card (or equivalent)
  3. Install and run the RootExplorer application and go to the sdcard folder
  4. In rootexplorer, find the DroidSans.ttf file and copy it
  5. Go to the /system/fonts folder and push the button marked “mount R/W”, the button will the change to be marked “mount R/O”
  6. Paste the DroidSans.ttf file into this folder – replacing the existing DroidSans.ttf file. Leave all the other font files as they are. It’s probably a good idea to make a backup of the original DroidSans.ttf file first, before you overwrite it. Just rename the original file to (something like) DroidSans.ttf.bak.
  7. Now restart the phone and the new font will be installed
  8. Now to install the keyboard, download the keyboard apk file
  9. Copy this to your phones SD card and install the application
  10. You should now be able to switch between the standard and Ge’ez keyboards. You may need to enable the keyboard by going to: Settings -> Language & Keyboard then select check the box to enable the new keyboard
  11. To find out how to switch between keyboards, watch our video:

We have tested this installation procedure on a few different phone models, though obviously we can’t cover every possible phone type and can’t guarantee it will work for every device. If you have any problems/issues then please post a comment. We’d also be very happy to hear that it did work for you!

eLearning Africa round up…

Very brief notes on some the interesting projects and websites I found out about whilst at the eLearning Africa conference last week:

i-call ( Using a dial up voice service, where callers can select their way through a story (interactive decision maze) to teach them about the consequences of their actions. Designed to identify pregnant women at risk. Also using SMS to remind women about their medical appointments. At the specialist level, using Moodle mobile extensions to provide case studies, self testing and forums.

Botswana-UPenn Partnership ( Testing myTouch 3g Android smartphones with doctors and their students. The phones were preloaded with a range of (free and paid for) medical and drug applications. The applications most used were Dynamed, 5 min clinical consult and Epocrates RX. Found that people preferred using phones with slide out keyboards rather than on-screen virtual keyboards.

Mobile learning for applied distance learning, presentation by Niall Winters from London Knowledge Lab: Participatory design methodology (using pen & paper) to iterate the design of mobile applications for health workers before the applications are finally written. Running a workshop “Designing Mobile Learning Activities” on 4th July in London ( Also LDIC report “Distance Learning for Health: What works” (see:

Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT): Mike and I met with some of the DOT staff at the ICE hub in Addis a few days before the conference. At the conference they presented one of the research projects “Web2.0: Mapping Practices and Perceptions” (see:

Health Sciences Online ( Repository of freely available health sciences knowledge

OpenECBCheck ( Peer reviewed quality and accreditation for elearning programmes

Ethiopia, eLearning Africa and Zanzibar

After a couple of weeks away, here are some of my photos….

From Ethiopia:

From eLearning Africa Conference in Tanzania:

From few days holiday in Zanzibar: