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eLearning Africa: Overcoming Challenges in Multimedia Delivery

The presentation I gave about an hour ago at eLearning Africa 2011 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania:

Here is the extended abstract of the presentation

In Tanzania for eLearning Africa

After a productive few days in Addis, yesterday I arrived in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, for the eLearning Africa conference. In Addis we had chance to meet with the Ministers for Higher Education and for Science and Technology, and with representatives from the Ministry of Health, essentially to give them an overview of what we have been doing in Mekelle so far, and present our proposals to them. The response was good, though one issue we’re likely to come up against is how to make sure we find the right people/company to work with in Ethiopia, and that they have the correct operating licenses to be able to supply services to universities (or other governmental organisations).

This is my first time in Tanzania, Dar es Salaam is much warmer than Addis, and the rainy season has just started, so the dirt roads are a little muddy. I also seem to have selected a hotel in the mainly muslim area, a large mosque just behind the hotel (which doesn’t serve alcohol). This afternoon I’ll head up to the conference centre to register, although it’s several kilometres out of the city centre, then the conference runs over tomorrow and Friday, with my presentation being on Friday afternoon.

Will post up when I can over the next few days regarding the conference.

Moodle 2 Multimedia Cookbook

A couple of months ago I was asked to be a technical reviewer for a new book from Packt publishing: Moodle 2 Multimedia Cookbook. Well, now the book is available to buy in print and pdf format. It covers areas such as how to use image, video, audio, animations, maps and much more in your Moodle 2 course. As I’m currently back in Ethiopia, I’ve not yet had chance to read the final version (a copy is waiting for me at home), so will be interested to hear about any reviews. For me it was an interesting process to give my feedback and thoughts on a book yet to be published, previously I’d only reviewed already published books.

Digital Campus company launched

Last week we set up Digital Campus as a not-for-profit company to continue and expand the work we have been doing over the last couple of years in ICT infrastructure development, technology enhanced learning and using technology to improve public health. You can read more on the Digital Campus website. Below is a presentation to give an overview the types of services and solutions we’re providing to improve ICT infrastructure:

Next week I return to Ethiopia for a few days and will then go to present at the eLearning Africa conference in Tanzania.


Photos from short visit to Valencia over the weekend…

iceAddis launch event this weekend

For those of you in Ethiopia, ICE Ethiopia has the official launch of their iceAddis innovation hub this coming Saturday (7th May). For more information and how to register to participate, visit the iceEthiopia website.

iceAddis is based at the EiABC campus and is where Jaime and I held the elearning training in February earlier this year: