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Increasing use of elearning at Mekelle Uni

I was just having a look at the statistics for the Mekelle Uni Moodle and am very pleased to see how much the site has increased in usage over the last year. Great to see students making up a large proportion of the hits. Last year we were seeing more hits from teachers, probably due to their course development and issues with lab opening. The drop is hits during February and March this year is likely due to three factors: (a) one of the labs being closed following theft of some terminals, (b) end of semester exams and (c) subsequent inter-semester break. I hope the site usage continues to increase.

Camino de Santiago

Some photos from the Camino de Santiago walk. I did the last 5 days of this (from Sarria to Santiago), just before Easter ….

and some pictures from Madrid over the Easter weekend…

Bookmarking with Scuttle

I’ve been using Delicious for several years now, but have only ever really used it as a repository for my storing links, rather than with the associated social functions (such as receiving suggested links or finding who else had saved the same sites). I’ve also been quite careful about making sure I have my own copy of any data stored in the cloud – so I was backing up my saved links regularly – and am often quite wary about being dependent on a third party service.

So a few weeks ago, when I read Liam’s posting about Scuttle I was keen to give it a try.

I’ve now set up my own Scuttle installation (at to save all my links to – anyone else is free [Update: see comment below] to create their own account here to try it out too. So far the only function from Delicious that I’ve missed Scuttle is the auto-suggesting of tags. With Delicious I generally clicked almost all the popular tags which others had also tagged the link with, whereas with Scuttle I need to type all the tags I want – maybe this isn’t such a bad thing.

Instructions for installing and using Ge’ez Virtual Keyboard

Update (12 Oct 2011); This instructions have now been deprecated, to install the keyboard on your Android phone please visit:

Here is a short video of how to switch between virtual keyboards and how to use the keyboard:

Please let me know if you have any feedback/questions.


Photos from my day trip to Segovia on Saturday….

Ge’ez Virtual Keyboard for Android

Update (12 Oct 2011): For instructions on how to install the keyboard on your phone please visit:

Virtual Keyboard demo

Over the past few weeks, a group of graduate students at Alcalá University have been creating a virtual keyboard for Android to allow the input of Ge’ez script. This will allow anyone using Android smartphones or tablets to input Amharic and Tigrinya in their native script. We’ll be trialling use of this keyboard in our mHealth projects.

As the script contains over 200 characters they can’t all be displayed on the keyboard, so tapping the root consonant character will allow users to cycle through the 7 consonant+vowel combinations to enter a particular character, much like using a numeric keypad to enter Latin script characters. We’re also working on a version where the possible combinations appear in a small pop-up window when the root consonant is pressed.

The installation isn’t yet as simple as we’d like because the Ge’ez font isn’t default on Android, so the devices need to be rooted and the system font installed before the keyboard will work correctly. We’re currently putting together some full instructions and video and I’ll post up a link when these are ready. If anyone wants to try it out now, please contact me, we can provide a ROM with the font and application pre-installed.

More photos of the keyboard in action.