BarCamp Ethiopia

Later this week I’m heading back over to Ethiopia to attend BarCamp Ethiopia, which looks like it’s going to be good. I’ve signed up for a few possible presentations and now that I’ve got my laptop running as an LTSP server I hope that Goitom (from Mekelle Uni) and I will be able to do a practical demo of a thin client system – rather then just telling people about how thin-clients work, I think it would be great if we could get a system set up for people to have play themselves.

After the BarCamp I head back up to Mekelle and Jaime and I will run more elearning training. We’re rerunning the basic Certificate in Online Education with new tutors from the Health Sciences college (and possibly a other staff), plus we’re starting an advanced certificate for those tutors who completed the basic certificate last year.

Will try to keep the blog updated regularly!


  1. Jörn says:

    hi alex, looking forward to see you again in addis soon!

    regarding thin clients, someone recently signed in to our ning-group:

    i dont know him, but he seems to be from this company who deploy thin-clients to educational institutions:

    just in case you like to network beforehand.

    see you at barcamp!


  2. Alex says:

    Thanks jörn, yes, I’m looking forward to getting back. Goitom and I are hoping to be able to do a thin-client practical demo, so hope that works out. Thanks for the info about Simon, will be good to what they’re doing and where they’re working.
    see you Thursday,

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