Community Service

img_4160(No, I don’t mean Community Service in the punishment sense!)

Part of the remit for research teams at the University is to take part in community service projects, usually working with local schools or other educational organisations. During our research team meeting the other week we decided that our teams contribution towards this aspect of the University’s work was to work with a local youth club to help train them in using computers, the internet etc.

Kindie, one of the teachers here, set up a meeting for us both to go and visit the Bright Africa Youth Association (BAYA) in the town centre. All seemed to go very well, the centre has lots of different clubs running, from dancing & music through to anti-AIDS, but they don’t yet have a computer club, mainly because they only have 2 PCs which are used in the office and a computer club with no computers would be a little odd!

We’re hoping that we can help BAYA to bid for some funds to purchase some computer equipment, the University could then provide the skills and training necessary to get the computers installed and running as well as ongoing training.

We’re looking at a few different options as to what to bid for. For example, do we concentrate on basic computer and office skills and buy a few basic (maybe second hand) computers, or do we look at buying one fairly high spec PC with the software and hardware (microphones, cameras etc) for the (e.g.) music club to be able to record and produce their own CDs/DVDs?

Any pointers to organisation which has funds available for these types of projects would be much appreciated (we already have a couple of pots of money to bid for). Alternatively, if anyone has contact with a youth group in the UK, who would like to link up and help out with some fundraising?

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