Open Source Lecture

On Saturday morning I did a guest lecture for the third year students and any interested staff. After a bit of messing around as the room I was going to use was double booked, and there wasn’t a power lead for the projector, we finally got started only about half an hour late.

Out of the 90 or so third year students, about 25 showed up, which I was very pleased with, mainly as it was on a Saturday morning, was completely optional and won’t count at all towards their final grade.

Since the students haven’t got much experience or knowledge about open source software, I thought it would be a good idea to give them a bit of an overview, especially since I hope to have Ubuntu installed on some of the lab machines soon. I’ve also got some plans for other extra lectures I could give, for example on Ajax, web 2.0 and social software. Not that I feel like great expert on these areas, but think I should know enough to give something useful to students in a hours lecture. I didn’t want to start planning any others until I’d found out the attendance rate at the first one.

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  1. Edward says:

    It is better that a few really interested students bother to turn up than if they were under a three line whip…well done!


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