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MSG & OpenID update 2

Since my post last week, I’ve been trying to get the little bugs fixed up. For the first problem with LiveJournal OpenIDs, the reason turned out to be due to the fact that the parameters needed to be received by the LiveJournal server as a post request, and the association request was being sent as a get – hence the failure. This appears to be due to v1 of the OpenID spec stating that association request parameters should be sent in the post, but in OpenID spec v2 my reading is that parameters can be sent with either a get or post.

In the end I used a different library (openid4java) instead – I couldn’t figure a way to just ‘turn off’ the association requests (they are only optional) with the library I was using, and this appears to have fixed the issue with the delegation too.

So our OpenID server is using the JOID library but the MSG client is using the openid4java library

MSG & OpenID updates

Since my posting yesterday about allowing users to sign in to MSG with OpenIDs it seems that quite a few people have had a go… all good stuff… but has also highlighted the fact that there are still a few bugs that we need to get ironed out…

Firstly, that LiveJournal OpenIDs (eg aren’t being accepted, haven’t quite worked out why this is yet 🙁

and secondly, that it’s not handling OpenID delegation – this one has only just been reported to me so will take a look when I get chance.

The OpenID login for MSG is still fairly experimental so cheers all for your feedback and keep it coming 🙂

MSG now accepts OpenID identities

MSG login page
New MSG login page

MSG will now accept OpenID Identity URLs to log in with. When you first log in with your OpenID identity you’ll be asked if you want to associate your OpenID with an existing MSG account, or you can create a new MSG account (without a password obviously!) .

As far as I’m aware MSG is the first instant messenger system to offer open registration and the ability to login with an OpenID identity (feel free to let me know if I’m wrong about this ;-))

I also have an OpenID server up and running (at: and anyone is free to sign up for an OpenID identity with it, but please bear in mind that this is still an experimental service (I’m still tinkering!)

Next steps are some more testing and then having a look at trying one of the PHP OpenID libraries running as a consumer (plus making this blog OpenID enabled…)

OpenID server coming along…

I’m now quite close to having a (functioning!) OpenID identity provider server up and running. I’m using the JOID OpenID api and has been fairly easy to set up. What I’ve created is based on their example server application, but I’ve changed to using a database as the store and made the interface a bit prettier! I came across a couple of little issues, for example with logging in to LiveJournal, but managed to get these fixed up without too much hassle – the problems/queries I’ve had are posted up on the JOID-dev maillist – so I won’t repeat them all here.

The last few bits for me to finish off are allowing users to update their profile and to reset passwords, once that’s done I’ll post up the URL so people can have a play. Then I’ll be on to the task of allowing users to log into MSG using their OpenIDs 🙂

New blog design

You may or may not have noticed (depending on whether you’re using an RSS reader to read this) that I’ve updated my site design. Apart from the new colour scheme, I’ve tried to trim down the sidebar by not showing quite so many links! Anyway, any feedback, especially if you find any quirks in the new design, is much appreciated 🙂

Marc retires

Marc's retirement presentation
(image courtesy of Chris Valentine)

On Friday Marc, one of the founders of KMi, took early retirement, see the full story with more pics.

It’ll be a shame not having Marc around (though I’m sure we’ve not seen the last of him!), especially having worked closely with him on MSG over the last year or so, but wish him all the best in his retirement 🙂