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Wednesday 28 June 06

Attended the JISC Peer Review meeting in Oxford yesterday, which I found really useful. We were paired up with the ioMorph project from Phosphorix, which Juliette and I reviewed last week. We got on really well with their project, found it really to install and use, but also managed to give them some constructive feedback. They managed to get our JoinIn software installed and running easily enough (so they say!), but we also had some good feedback from them about what we could improve.

I found it very worthwhile doing the project review, especially as the project weren’t being formally assessed as such, but was good to get some feedback. Confirming that someone else can read the website, get all the code downloaded and running was positive from our point of view, so hope that they run this type of peer review in future programmes 🙂

Wednesday 28 June 06

Had quite a hectic last couple of weeks, trying to catch up with everything I missed whilst I was away in Oz, and also preparing for the fact that I’m moving over to the OUs Open Content Initiative on secondment for 2 years. I’ll be based in KMi whilst on secondment, and I’m really looking forward to getting started, just a lot to finish off and hand over here in IET first! Start the new job part time, but just one day a week, next week, then full time from middle of August. If you’re interested the job ad for my replacement is up on the OU jobs site.

Met up with my new manager this morning, so found out a lot more about what I’m going to be working on for the first few months anyway, and all seems to be interesting stuff – looking as getting a version KMi’s BuddySpace instant messaging system (based on Jabber) integrated into Moodle. Also found that the work we’ve been doing on the JoinIn project, especially the new Moodle Grouping Module, is going to be very relevant in this work, as we’ll need to ensure that the groups set up in Moodle can be shared across with BuddySpace.

Friday 16 June 06

Now got the JoinIn project website up and live for people to look at:  If you find anything missing or the instructions aren’t clear enough etc etc, then please let us know!

We’re getting very close to having the JoinIn project finished off now, and have had some potential good news in that the updates we’ve (well, Juliette has !) done to the Moodle grouping interface might be incorporated into the Moodle core.

Friday 16 June 06

Now back in UK after my visit to Macquarie Uni in Sydney for 6 weeks  – it was good fun to get out there and look at the work they are doing over there on the next version of LAMS (& also good fun getting out and about in Oz!). Now got a fair bit of catching up to do on things I’ve left on hold whilst I’ve been away, especially as I’m starting working on the Open Content Initiative team in the next few weeks – so looking forward to that too 🙂

Friday 2 June 06

I’ve done as much as time allows now on testing out the LAMS tool contract, and as I mentioned before, all the details of what I did and the problems etc I came across are recorded on the LAMS wiki . I’ve also attached to the wiki a zip file which contains all the code I developed, so you can download it and have a look at what I’ve done.