Wednesday 5 April 06

Getting on well with the development of the webservices for the Enterprise databases, and ought to have this about finished later this week. Then next week I can look at seeing how this maps across to the Enterprise SDK – I can use the same database and should to be able to reuse a lot of the code too (esp the parts that make calls to the database to retrieve data).

Another thing we’ve been looking at at is how we’ll do the XML parsing in Moodle using php. Most Moodle installations run on PHP 4 which doesn’t have built in XML functions, whereas PHP 5 does. There are libraries available for PHP 4 to do the XML parsing, but these (I think) would mean rewriting the code if we (and/or Moodle) moved to PHP 5. The alternative (so code didn’t need to be rewritten for different versions of PHP) would be to use regular expressions on the XML string – but that seems like a bit of a kludge to me!

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