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Monday 30 January 06

Yesterday I found a sudoku that my sudoku solver program couldn’t solve, so might try and find some time to update the algorithm (at some point). The reason my algorithm didn’t work was because there were (at least) 2 solutions to it, my algorithm looks for squares where only one number can fit (within either a single square, box, row or column), but with this sudoku you would get to a point where you had to decide which of two numbers to enter into a square – which one you entered didn’t matter because either would result in a valid solution. So looks like I need to make my algorithm cope with this somehow – haven’t thought yet exactly how I’ll do it though!

Saturday 28 January 06

Have just added the commenting functionality I mentioned a couple of days ago, using a little AJAX application. Seems to work pretty much ok, but there are a couple of little things that I’d like to tidy up – for example, when you post a comment the comment listing doesn’t update with the new comment (could get the page to auto refresh, but that defeats the point of making it an ajax application!). Also not sure whether it would work very well (if at all) for people using screen readers etc. I’ve only tested it using IE6 and FireFox (both on Windows), so not sure whether it would work fine on a Mac, or with other browsers. If you find it doesn’t work or have any suggestions for improvement, please just let me know 🙂

Thursday 26 January 06

I’ve installed a Moodle server for everyone in IET to have a play with, and also so that I’ve got one that I can use for the JoinIn project. I’ve also been looking at doing something with AJAX, I’m probably going to test adding a commenting facility to these blogs using an AJAX application. With AJAX though I’m not sure how accessible it makes applications, or how cross-browser it will be – can give it a go though!

Wednesday 25 January 06

First step in this project is for me to read through the bid and remember exactly what it was we said we were going to do!! I also need to be in touch with the LAMS team so that we can properly sort out how we’ll divide up the development work.

This afternoon I’m hoping to install Moodle on one of our development servers, and I’ll also look at installing LAMS too – but I need to check first with the LAMS team which version we’ll be developing for. I’m assuming it will be for LAMS v1.1 as this is the version they are currently developing, though it’s not actually released yet.

Tuesday 24 January 06

Have just applied the new design to this website – so it now uses CSS instead of tables for the layout. There are still a few pages that I need to finish off and tidy up, but it’s pretty much done. I’ve tested the site with IE6 and Firefox and it seems to work fine with both of those, but if you see any ‘odd’ behaviour/layout using other browsers, then please just let me know 🙂

Tuesday 24 January 06

Been up to a few different things in the last week or so…. firstly, had news from JISC that we’ve received funding for our JoinIn project (working with the LAMS team to create a grouping tool to move groups between the LAMs and Moodle VLEs). We’ve also been looking at submitting a bid in the new JISC Design for Learning programme.

I’ve also been playing a bit with various bits and pieces, I’ve been trying to redesign my website (this one!) so that it uses CSS instead of tables for layout – that seems to be going ok so far, and I should be able to make it live soon. Just found it a bit fiddly, especially with the differences between IE and firefox, and there appears to be a lot of options to achieve the same result, so trying to figure out which is the ‘best’. I’ve also added an RSS feed for this blog and my learning design one, so you should see the link at the bottom of the page, or, if you are using firefox, you should get the ‘live bookmarks’ option.

Finally, also been having a go with (see ), which is interesting, but could end up spending way too much time looking at other links people have bookmarked!

Wednesday 11 January 06

Belated Happy New Year! Just getting back into the habit of working again after the Christmas break! At the moment I’m mainly working on putting together a specification for IET’s project planning system. Also thinking a bit about what we do next in terms of learning design projects/work, especially with the Design for Learning call that JISC have recently put out – no firm ideas yet as to what we could do though!