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Thursday 14 July 05

Have been fairly quiet on the actual development of the Sled player the last couple of weeks. Most of what I’ve I’ve been concentrating on is the architecture etc for the latest toolkit project and how we integrate with QTI. At the moment the guys form OUNL are working on this integation and once that’s done I’ll be able to update the player to interoperate with QTI – following this I’ll be working on the ePortfolio integration, using the same methodology as we have for QTI.

Other things that have been happening….

  • We’ve got some time from a graphic designer to work on a new design/logo for the Sled player/project, and we’re also beginning to set up a much better site with links to the demo Sled player, scenarios of use and technical information about the player. We hope to have this site up and running in the near future – will probably be after summer sometime though
  • Had a couple of emails from people regarding problems they have found with the Sled player. One of which was getting it to run n a linux server. I’ve just sent off an updated version of the player to see if this fixes the problem or not, so we’ll wait and see. I think the problem was caused by the fact that the player was getting the xsl files based on their relative position in the servlet, I’ve now updated this so that it uses the full url of the xsl file, so there should be no problems across platforms. As far as I know this is the first time someone has tired the player on a linux server, so it would be really good to get it working. The only problem I have is that I don’t have a linux server here to test any changes I make on – so as the moment I’m relying of the goodwill of the person who informed me of the problem to test it for me!
  • I’ve also been emailed about a potential problem when using UoLs which require the users to uplaod and then download files. I have had this working on my version of CopperCore and Sled, but it’s obviously not working for everyone. All that I’ve thought of for them to check is that the filePropertyUploadLocation in the web.xml file of Sled.war is exactly the same as that in the file. I’ll wait and see it that fixes their problem or not.