Thursday 28 April 05

Hurray! – have finally managed to fix the problem with connecting to the CopperCore admin webservice. Found that the problem was becuase of conflicting class & package names – some classes were defined in CopperCore but also in the Player – basically the ones which were required in the Player for the web service to know what type of object was returned. In order to solve this I had to ensure that the package names I used in SLeD were different to that used in CopperCore, and now it all works fine – thanks to Sam, Scott & Hubert for helping to find the solution!

I’ve now updated the player so that it work properly without the CCAdmin servlet and have put the new verison up on Sourceforge for download. I’m still writing the instructions for installing, but another thing i may do it bundle up SLeD with CopperCore so you can just do a straightforward download, unzip and everything works.

The other thing I want to get fixed up is the various & messy config files with paths/dirs etc that you need to set to get the player running properly. I’d like to make it much much easier for people to install on an existing version of CopperCore – so they can try it out more easily.

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