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Thursday 28 April 05

Hurray! – have finally managed to fix the problem with connecting to the CopperCore admin webservice. Found that the problem was becuase of conflicting class & package names – some classes were defined in CopperCore but also in the Player – basically the ones which were required in the Player for the web service to know what type of object was returned. In order to solve this I had to ensure that the package names I used in SLeD were different to that used in CopperCore, and now it all works fine – thanks to Sam, Scott & Hubert for helping to find the solution!

I’ve now updated the player so that it work properly without the CCAdmin servlet and have put the new verison up on Sourceforge for download. I’m still writing the instructions for installing, but another thing i may do it bundle up SLeD with CopperCore so you can just do a straightforward download, unzip and everything works.

The other thing I want to get fixed up is the various & messy config files with paths/dirs etc that you need to set to get the player running properly. I’d like to make it much much easier for people to install on an existing version of CopperCore – so they can try it out more easily.

Tuesday 26 April 05

Having a complete nightmare trying to call the CopperCoreAdmin service properly – as I think this is the cause of the problem where the SLeD palyer doesn’t work with the most recent version of CopperCore (v2.2.2). At first I thought the problem was with the fact that the admin service is returning and array of java objects, but I’ve now got that part resolved (it turned out to actually be just the way I was calling the service).

I could then create a normal java app on my local PC which called the CopperCoreAdmin service and return results. but my next problem is that when i try to create a simple servlet (to achieve the same thing) and run this on the CopperCore server I get errors in the JBoss console when I start it up. I’m not sure if this is to do with the fact that the consumer part is running on the same server as the service provider – so there are conflicting copies of the java objects – the original ‘proper’ object from the CopperCore app and another in the service consumer .war file – or that there is something else that I’m missing!

I did try to remove the possibly conflicting classes from my .war file, which meant that JBoss was starting up ok with no errors, but when I go to the servlet in my web browser, I just get and instantiation exception……

Monday 18 April 05

Most of what I’ve been working on the last week or so (and will be for the next few months!) is for the next 2 JISC funded Learning Design projects. The details of this work can be found in my ‘LD diary’

Thursday 14 April 05

After a bit of fiddling around I managed to get Jboss running as a Windows service using JavaService v1.2.5 (from The bit I had problems with was getting the service to recognise/pick up the file. In the end all I needed to do was add the directory path to the file (not including the filename) to the java.class.path attribute in the InstallJboss.bat file.

Wednesday 13 April 05

Have got CopperCore and SLeD running on a demo machine -it’s only using version v2 of CopperCore, I’m going to look at why SLeD doesn’t work with v2.2 later. Haven’t been able to get CopperCore running as a Windows service yet – which is a bit of a pain. I can get the normal JBoss server runnning as a service fine, but the bit difficulty I’m having it with the fact that coppercore runs has it’s own startup script (as opposed to the run.bat for JBoss) and I can’t figure out how to incorporate the extra coppercore specific parts.

Anyway, to have a look at the demo SLeD player go to: and please user the “guest” as the login and the password.
Please note that it is a demo and I’m still working on it – so it might not be available all the time!

Tuesday 12 April 05

Now got JBoss (v3.2.6) running on port 80 instead of 8080, just had to change all the instances of 8080 to 80 in the following files:

1) server.xml in

2) jboss-service.xml in

Tuesday 12 April 05

Attended the JISC Programme Meeting last week to kick off our next 2 JISC funded Learning Design projects. At the moment I’m getting CopperCore and the SLeD player installed on one of our servers in the DMZ so that people can just try out the software without actually having to download and install anything. Then got a few things I’ll need to sort out, firstly, to get JBoss to run from a different port (preferably port 80 rather than the default 8080?), then get JBoss to run as a Windows service – rather than as a manually started batch file (so if the server is restarted, then we don;t need to remember to restart JBoss too), then finally, I need to look at why the SLeD player doesn’t work with the most up to date version of CopperCore….