Archive for March 2005

Wednesday 30 March 05

Been spending a little time trying to get the SpellerPages integrated with the FCK Editor using the ColdFusion server script. It’s not being as straightforward as I’d hoped! Am slowly but surely getting there – there doesn’t seem to have been many people who’ve used CF over php for the spell checking – so once I’ve got it sorted I’ll post up what I had to do to get it to work correctly.

Wednesday 23 March 05

After a little fiddling around I’ve got the FCKEditor up and running. The only bit that needed a bit of effort to get working correctly was the image upload – I was getting an ‘XML request error: Internal Server Error [500]’ and found the reason was due to it trying to read the wrong (invalid) directory, so needed to have a look at the FCKEditor\editor\filemanager\browser\default\connectors\cfm\connector.cfm file and adjust the directory it’s using in there to get it to work – shame the error messages aren’t a bit more meaningful! Now looking at how I can integrate this with the ‘Speller Pages’ spell checker.

Thursday 10 March 05

I’m currently looking at how we can make use of the FCKEditor for allowing people to edit pages on our IET public and intranet websites.

Monday 7 March 05

Attended CETIS ‘Update on Learning Design meeting’ – Pedagogy Forum and Educational Content SIG at Newcastle University