Archive for May 2004

Friday 28 May 04

Have installed CFMX on my local desktop my test web services appear to be running fine, next step is to test whether I can call this webservice from my sample java app.

This is working now and I can call a simple web service from my java servlet.

Thursday 27 May 04

Not very much progress made today. I was trying to set up a simple web service on one of our ColdFusion MX servers so that I could test calling web services from some java code. I seemed to run into lots of problems setting this up with the wsdl not returning the full range of functions I built into the service. The next problem seemed to be errors with Axis (I assume this is built into CFMX to provide the web services). I think this may all be due to the authentication system SAMS that the OU uses thats running on this particular installation of CFMX.

So, what I’m going to do is install a developer edition of CFMX on my desktop and see if I can get some demo webservices up and running from there instead.

Wednesday 26 May 04

XML parsing seems to be running fine, without me having to mess about adding new .jar files or anything.

Have now also installed Apache Axis on the laptop, just need to now test to see if it’s running…. First attempt at installation validation failed, needed to download and install JavaBeans Activation Framework 1.0.2 (‘activation.jar’). The installation now validates, but there are 2 optional components missing mail.jar and xmlsec.jar so I’ll now download & install these.

JavaMail API 1.3.1 and XML Security 1.1.0 are downloaded and installed. The Axis happiness page is now very happy 😉 Next to test consuming and providing some simple web services…. but that’s for tomorrow.

Tuesday 25 May 04

Got Tomcat (v5) up and runnning on the laptop. Then created a very simple servlet to test this installation – this appears to be running fine, only slight problem is that you appear to need to restart Tomcat every time the servlet is updated – rather than dynamically, though I’m sure this must be possible. Am now going to extend this sample servlet so that it will do some xml parsing (well that’s the plan anyway).

Following on from that – once the xml parsing is working – the next steps are to see how to get the servlet to consume a webservice and also provide a webservice….